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patent office Regensburg

BioPark II
Am BioPark 11
93053 Regensburg
T +49 941 280 95 918

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In the heart of Science

The Regensburg office is located close to the Biopark of Regensburg, which is next to the campus of the University of Regensburg. We not only support scientists in the life science field, but also particularly SMEs focusing on mechanical and electrical engineering in and around Regensburg. This office is serviced by the Munich team, and a regular seminar series is offered in Regensburg on different aspects of IP.

For inquiries please contact Bettina Hermann (+49 173 680 89 53,

  • Bettina Hermann

    Bettina Hermann

    Patent Attorney , Partner
    Chemistry and Life Sciences
    Munich (DE), Regensburg (DE)
    +49 89 890636936

  • Lutz Keydel

    Lutz Keydel

    Patent Attorney , Associate
    Mechanics, Physics and Electronics
    Munich (DE), Regensburg (DE)
    +49 89 890636936

  • Kerstin Lassak

    Kerstin Lassak

    Trainee Patent Attorney
    Chemistry and Life Sciences
    Munich (DE), Regensburg (DE)
    +49 8989 0636 936