When it is believed that a right should not have been granted, a judge can be asked to invalidate that right. In the case of patents, this may occur when, for instance, new documents or public prior use have come to light, demonstrating that an invention was not novel at the priority date of the patent. Usually, the lack of novelty is combined with other nullity arguments, such as lack of inventive step, insufficient disclosure and the like. Also in the case of a trademark or design, the validity can be at issue when it can be demonstrated that third parties can have a claim on older rights.

In infringement suits, nullity suits and other legal suits in the field of intellectual property, in addition to legal advice, the advice of a patent attorney or trademark and design attorney is indispensable. These professionals are familiar with such dispute situations and can, next to the attorney-at-law, represent the client's interests optimally. This multidisciplinary approach of representing the client's interests is included in the name of V.O. With this, V.O. distinguishes itself from various other firms, which do not accommodate these different disciplines under one roof.


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