SASOL Solar Challenge

V.O. sponsors the Nuon Solar Team. The Nuon Solar team is participating in the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa, with the ‘Nuna8s’, a four-wheeled solar vehicle. This race will be held from 24 September to 1 October. The aim of the race is to cover as many kilometers as possible within eight days. The TU Delft team intends to drive for more than 4,500 kilometers and so to improve their 2014 record.

Six times world champions
The aim of the team is to inspire the world with regard to high-end technologies and to promote the use of sustainable energy. They want to achieve this by winning several so-called Challenges, such as the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia or the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa. Next year, the team will participate for the ninth time in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The past eight times the team became world champions six times and achieved second place twice.

High-end technology
The combination of high-end technology, sustainable energy and the excitement of the race perfectly reflect the vision of the Nuon Solar Team: “We race to demonstrate current possibilities in the field of technology and to inspire people to build a sustainable future in which energy is used efficiently.”

Collaboration with companies
In order to cover the miles as quickly as possible and to win the race, they collaborate closely with companies and the university to apply the latest technologies in the Nuna. As a sponsor, V.O. helps the Nuon Solar Team to benefit as much as possible from its intellectual property by means of various projects.