A good understanding of the principles of physics is paramount in protecting inventions in many fields. This makes the physics sector very much a cross-disciplinary sector. Our patent attorneys are able to develop a thorough understanding of the invention and then, based on that understanding, formulate the best way to protect it.

Rich client base

The physics section has a very rich client base with clients of all sizes that operate in a wide range of fields, for example, in the solar industry, transport and optical industry. Whether in our offices in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, our experts can provide the services that you need to maximize the value of your inventions.

Always the right expert

V.O. has developed specific IP expertise in such diverse fields as semiconductors, optics, mechatronics, geophysics, nuclear physics and medical physics. Our extensive team of highly qualified patent attorneys is well versed in the particulars of patentability in this field. We select the right experts to handle your case in the best possible manner.

Full-service partner

We provide all IP services: drafting and prosecuting patent applications all over the world. We can also assist you in defending or attacking patents and in infringement suits in contentious (opposition or litigation) proceedings. Other fields of activity concern third party rights investigations, Trademarks and IP audits. As a full-service firm, we not only have patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and attorneys-at-law that can assist you with IP advice, filing, opposition, legal practice or IP strategy, but also in-house specialists providing, for instance, top-quality search, annuity and translation services.


Feel free to contact Johannes van Melle, sector contact Physics, at + 31 40 250 33 10 or via to see how we can help you.

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