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COVID-19 update 1

Dear relations, because of the uncertainty caused by the stray COVID-19 virus, we consider it appropriate to inform you about the state of affairs at V.O.:

  • Our offices are all ‘open for business’ to serve you.
  • The V.O. has taken the necessary precautions. For example, business trips to high-risk areas have been cancelled; congresses, etc. will no longer be attended for the time being and employees who have made a private trip to a high-risk area must first stay at home for 14 days after their return, before they are given access to our offices again.
  • V.O. has 10 fully-fledged branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and each branch is connected to V.O.’s central ICT infrastructure. This means that if one or more branches are not accessible, work can be seamlessly taken up from other V.O. branches.
  • V.O.’s Business Continuity Plan also provides for employees to work from home, in case government measures would result in branches not being accessible, or employees would not be able to travel to their offices.
  • For the sake of completeness, we note that V.O. also has a complete online backup infrastructure, where servers and databases are housed in two external locations and the network is redundant.
  • It goes without saying that we keep a close eye on developments abroad through our local contacts, in order to be able to act on your findings, if necessary, in good time and after consultation with you.

For further situation updates you can always consult our website, www.vo.eu, or contact your V.O. patent or trademark attorney.

Kind regards,

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