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EPO Tech Day 2022: Technologies of Transformation

Tech Day is an annual celebration of innovation, learning and collaboration that takes place at the European Patent Office (EPO). Primarily an internal event until now, Tech Day brings together teams of experts from across the Office to explore a technological theme of special significance.

The theme of Tech Day 2022 is Technologies of Transformation: those technologies developed in response to the most pressing global crises of our time and with a view to sustaining planetary health – both human health and that of our planet.

Given the importance of the theme, part of this digital conference will be open to the public for the first time, providing unique insights into sustainable technologies as well as healthcare innovation ecosystems. In addition the sessions will explore how the European patent system supports innovation across all fields.

The day kicks off with a keynote on one of the major new networks created to help deliver the European Green Deal. This will be followed by a roundtable, where speakers from industry and academia will discuss the challenges and opportunities of innovation required to lower emissions, make the circular economy a reality and protect biodiversity.

Further highlights include a series of dynamic conversations between inventors and the EPO’s experts, who will explore together the latest sustainable innovations in fields such as energy, healthcare, plastics, waste management, transport and food.

Check ou the EPO website for registration details in January.