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Grand Finale UT Entrepreneurial Challenge 2023

Muziekcentrum Enschede, Noorderhagen, Enschede, Netherlands

Since 2017, the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge has offered students the opportunity to further develop their own ingenious ideas, prototypes and research projects into business plans. The main goal and mission is to challenge students to come up with great innovative solutions to societal problems out-of-the-box, and translate them into real products and business plans.

Students at all levels of the University of Twente (Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, PDEngs) are encouraged to pitch and further develop them into a feasible concept. Community building and co-creation with the business community is essential and of great added value for both UT students and companies and organizations that are part of the partner network of the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Grand Finale

During the Grand Finale, the best teams will give a one-minute pitch about their entrepreneurial idea or innovative prototype. After the pitches, some teams will participate in the Q&A session where the expert jury will ask in-depth questions. The afternoon ends with an awards ceremony and a group of frenzied students!


In a 4TU context, the format of the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge will be used in 2023 to organize similar contests at all 4 technical universities (TU Delft, University of Twente, Wageningen University & Research and TU Eindhoven). The entries of these contests will have the chance to participate in the ‘Dutch 4TU Impact
Challenge’. More information about this challenge can be read on the website (www.4tuimpactchallenge.nl) and social media channels.

V.O. is business partner of 4TU. For the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge the firm is represented by Jasper Groot Koerkamp, Tamara Idema and Jorien Wartena.

Website UT Entrepreneurial Challenge

Present on our behalf

Portretfoto van Jasper Groot Koerkamp

Jasper Groot Koerkamp

  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Partner
Portretfoto van Tamara Idema

Tamara Idema

  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Associate
Portretfoto van Jorien Wartena

Jorien Wartena

  • Trainee Trademark and Design Attorney