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Scale up digital – grow your business

Amsterdam Science Park, Science Park, Amsterdam

Growth is not easy to achieve. Especially not on your own, because you are busy with your daily business.
Fortunately, there is support available to ensure the smooth running of your scaling-up phase. For example, there is Ready to Scale; a growth program for ambitious entrepreneurs.

V.O. is one of the supporting service providers of Ready to Scale. Joost Gooyer and Martijn Timmermans assist budding entrepreneurs with advice on IP.

About Ready to Scale

Ready to Scale is a unique growth program developed by KplusV, The Startup Network and experienced entrepreneurs. The program is now in its 9th year and has been partially funded by the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change. See also www.readytoscale.nl. A Group Program is available and there is a Customization Scheme.

About the Ready to Scale group program

The Ready to Scale programme gives you the knowledge and tools you need to get your leadership, strategy, team and execution right in three months’ time. At Ready to Scale we work according to the Rockefeller Habits method, led by entrepreneur and international scale up coach Pieter van Osch.

You will participate in five master classes in groups (10-15 participants) and receive individual guidance from mentors. In addition, you will build an entrepreneurial network and we can match you with talented students. The masterclasses will start on Wednesday, 8 September 2021 and will take place at the Science Park in Amsterdam.

Examples of topics covered:

  • How do I provide more focus and structure within the organization?
  • How do I increase my cash flow and grow my sales?
  • How do I deal with uncertain situations and improve my strategy?
  • How do I be and remain the ideal employer and assemble the right team?


  • Kick-off Day – Wed 8 Sep 09.00-20.00 hs+ drinks
  • Workshop 2. – Wed 22 Sep 13.00-20.00 hs+ drinks
  • Workshop 3. – Wed 6 Oct 13.00-20.00 hs+ drinks
  • Workshop 4. – Wed 20 Oct 13.00-20.00 hs+ drinks
  • Workshop 5. – Wed 3 Nov 13.00-20.00 hs+ drinks


Science Park Amsterdam and host venues

Working language



€5.500 €2.750* / 2 participants per company

* 50% of the costs are subsidized

* costs may be financially deductible in connection with study costs

Participation criteria

Turnover at least 250K (or 250K funding) or 5 FTEs

Located in: greater Amsterdam


Register before 7 August 2021.
For more information / registration, see www.readytoscale.nl or contact Ellen Spithoven at ellen@ace-incubator.nl