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Jobfair Vlaamse Technische Kring (VTK) 2021

The VTK Jobfair will take place on Tuesday 2 March 2021 and, due to corona, will be an online event. The Jobfair falls during an interesting time for students to find out what the business market has to offer. It is the ideal opportunity for students to get in touch with companies through VTK.
Several recruitment activities are combined in this Jobfair in order to guarantee the largest possible turnout of students for the business community.

The previous Jobfair editions attracted many engineering students. Not only civil engineers, but also bio-engineering, commercial engineering and industrial engineering students are informed about this event. During the fair, students were able to learn about a large number of companies and their job openings. As the VTK Jobfair is one of the larger job fairs for technical profiles in Flanders, it is the perfect opportunity to recruit engineers.

V.O. will be represented at the online Jobfair by Annemie Jaeken and Mohammad Bidakhvidi. Visit our virtual booth!

More information: www.jobfair.vtk.be