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Presentation on Patents, medicines & innovation

Rechtbank Den Haag, Prins Clauslaan, Den Haag

These days, patents are a sensitive point of discussion. Those who are in favor claim that patents promote innovation and that intellectual property is a human right, whereas those who are against patents claim that patents in fact slow down innovation and even cost lives. This discussion is conducted at many fronts, not in the least place within the context of pharmaceutical patents. But what are patents exactly and what is their use?

Presentation by V.O. expert
In this presentation, expert Martin Klok will, on the basis of practical examples, discuss the legal background of patents, deal with questions that may arise in the everyday legal practice in respect of intellectual property (IP), and the reality underlying the social discussion.

Attending the presentation
The presentation, which will be held in Dutch, is organized by De Jonge Balie Den Haag.

As a sworn-in attorney-at-law or candidate attorney, you can register via the registration form on the website of De Jonge Balie. Attendance of the presentation will yield one presentation point. This requires your signature, in advance and afterwards, on the lists intended therefor.