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Chemport Connect - Biobased & Circular Polymers 2020

The first edition of Chemport Connect – Biobased & Circular Polymers (previously announced as the Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo 2020) will take place digitally on 17 November 2020.

Chemport Connect focuses on the wide variety of biobased and circular solutions. In particular on plastics and materials, ranging from biomass and raw materials, monomers and polymers and intermediate chemicals to chain integration, recycling and upcycling and bio-renewable energy.

During the digital live event Teijin Aramid presents an exclusive global first, there are several keynote speakers such as Gerard Nijhoving (Senbis Polymer Innovations) and Tom van Aken (CEO Avantium), there is an international panel discussion led by Peter Schelstreate (Ubuntoo) live from Atlanta (USA) and a look into the future of enhanced recycling by Josse Kunst (CuRe).

There will be six Connect webinars in the run up to the digital live event: on 23 September; 1, 14 and 28 October; and 4 and 11 November .

For more information about Chemport Connect, see www.chemportexpo.eu.