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Workshop The clever utilisation of knowledge during collaborations

Biopartner Center Leiden, J.H. Oortweg 21, Leiden, Netherlands

As a follow up to the successful event Protecting Your Business of 28 March, Gulliver in cooperation with RVO organizes four additional workshops with respect to Intellectual Property. Two of the workshops will be co-presented by experts from V.O.

On Thursday 19 April, the workshop The clever utilisation of knowledge during collaborations will be presented by patent advisor Peter Dorr (RVO) en V.O. expert Henri van Kalkeren.

Innovating together offers many advantages, but also pitfalls. As a startup or (technical) midsized company, you would like to know how you can deal with this process more effectively. Good preparation makes working together on innovative projects easier and takes away a lot of mistrust.

During this workshop, theory, practical examples and assignments alternate. You will learn:

  • that you have to think in advance about the knowledge you want to share;
  • how you can best prepare for a collaboration;
  • what to look out for when selecting cooperation partners;
  • at which moments you have to make agreements about intellectual property (IP);
  • what agreements you have to make about know-how or intellectual property;
  • how you can distribute income and ownership from the intellectual property.

This workshop will be given in the English language.

Location and time
BioPartner Center Leiden
BioPartner 1 building, Room 1127
J.H. Oortweg 21 in Leiden

Doors open: 13:30 hrs
Duration of workshop: 14:00-17:00 hrs

Program and registering
Further information about the workshop can be found on the Gulliver website. A registration form on this website will follow shortly.