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Kerstin Lassak

Patent attorney

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Kerstin Lassak

  • Life Sciences
  • Trainee Patent Attorney

Kerstin Lassak graduated in biochemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in September 2009, majoring in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and natural substances chemistry. In December 2012, she received her PhD in molecular biology from the Philipps University, Marburg. After her promotion, she worked as a researcher molecular biology at the Max Planck Institute, Marburg, where she had also conducted her PhD research, and the University of Basel. In December 2015, Kerstin joined the Munich office of V.O. as a trainee patent attorney.

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  • PhD – Max Planck Institute, Marburg, 2012
  • MSc – Friedrich Schiller University Jena, 2009


  • Kerstin Lassak et al. (2013): The one-component system ArnR: a membrane-bound activator of the crenarchaeal archaellum. Molecular Microbiology 88(1):125-39
  • Ouchi T, Tomita T, Horie A, Yoshida A, Takahashi K, Nishida H, Lassak K, Taka H, Mineki R, Fujimura T, Kosono S, Nishiyama C, Masui R, Kuramitsu S, Albers SV, Kuzuyama T, Nishiyama M. (2013): Lysine and arginine biosyntheses mediated by a common carrier protein in Sulfolobus. Nature Chemical Biology 9(4):277-83
  • Reindl S, Ghosh A, Williams GJ, Lassak K, Neiner T, Henche AL, Albers SV, Tainer JA. (2013): Insights into FlaI functions in archaeal motor assembly and motility from structures, conformations, and genetics. Molecular Cell 49(6): 1069-82
  • Kerstin Lassak et al. (2012): Diversity, assembly and regulation of archaeal type IV pili-like and non-type-IV pili-like surface structures. Research in Microbiology 163(9-10): 630-44. Review
  • Julia Reimann, Kerstin Lassak et al. (2012): Regulation of archaella expression by the FHA and von Willebrand domain-containing proteins ArnA and ArnB in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. Molecular Microbiology 86(1):24-36
  • Wagner M, van Wolferen M, Wagner A, Lassak K, Meyer BH, Reimann J, Albers SV (2012): Versatile Genetic Tool Box for the Crenarchaeote Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. Frontiers in Microbiology. 3:214
  • Kerstin Lassak et al. (2012): Molecular analysis of the crenarchaeal flagellum. Molecular Microbiology 83(1):110-24


  • German
  • English


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