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Marieke Schor

Patent attorney

‘Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.’
Marieke Schor

Marieke Schor

  • Life Sciences
  • Trainee Patent Attorney

Marieke Schor studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University and obtained her PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam.

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Subsequently, she carried out postdoctoral research before joining the technology transfer wing of the Soft Matter Physics group at the University of Edinburgh.

Marieke’s main research interests included biopolymers, particularly self-assembling proteins. She has worked on both biological processes involving self-assembling biopolymers, as well as design and application of bio-inspired materials. More recently, she has investigated the use of biopolymers in food and personal care products. Marieke joined V. O. in August 2019.

Working experience

  • 2019 – Trainee Patent Attorney, V. O.
  • 2017 – Impact Acceleration Associate, Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership
  • 2012 – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Edinburgh
  • 2011 – Postdoctoral Researcher, UK National Physical Laboratory


  • 2011 – PhD Computational Chemistry, University of Amsterdam
  • 2007 – MSc Molecular Sciences, Wageningen University


  • M. Schor*, E. Erskine*, R. J. Morris*, C. Earl, R. M. C. Gillespie, K. M. Bromley, T. Sukhodub, L. Clark, P. K. Fyfe, L. C. Serpell, N. R. Stanley-Wall and C. E. MacPhee: Formation of functional, non-amyloidogenic fibres by recombinant Bacillus subtilis TasA. Mol. Microbiol. (2018)  110, 897-913.
    shared first authors
  • M. Schor*, S. Arnaouteli*, A. S. Ferreira*, R. J. Morris, K. M. Bromley, J. K. Jo, K. L. Cortez, T. Sukhodub, A. R. Prescott, L. E. P. Dietrich, C. E. MacPhee and N. R. Stanley-Wall: Bifunctionality of a biofilm matrix protein controlled by redox state. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2017) 114, E6184-E6191.
    shared first authors
  • G. B. Brandani, S. J. Vance, M. Schor, A. Cooper, M. Kennedy, B. O. Smith, C. E. MacPhee and D. L. Cheung: Adsorption of the natural protein surfactant Rsn-2 onto liquid interfaces. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2017), 19, 8584-8594.
  • G.B. Brandani, M. Schor, R. J. Morris, N.R. Stanley-Wall, C.E. MacPhee, D. Marenduzzo and U. Zachariae: The bacterial hydrophobin BslA is a switchable ellipsoidal Janus nanocolloid. Langmuir (2015), 31, 11558-11563.
  •  R. Ni, S. Abeln, M. Schor, M.A. Cohen Stuart and P.G. Bolhuis: Interplay between folding and assembly of fibril-forming peptides. Phys. Rev. Lett. (2013), 111, 058101.
  • M. Schor and P.G. Bolhuis: The self-assembly mechanism of fibril-forming silk-based block copolymers. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2011), 13, 10457-10467.


  • Dutch
  • English


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