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Michiel Dokter

Patent attorney

“The field of patents is multidisciplinary having legal, commercial and technical aspects. Good advice should cover all these aspects.”
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Michiel Dokter

  • Chemistry
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
  • Associate

Michiel Dokter started at V.O. in 2008, after graduating in chemistry at Leiden University in 2006.

His expertise lies in the general field of chemical patents, and in particular in the field of polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, pharmacology, food technology and inorganic chemistry.

More information about Michiel

Michiel has substantial experience in drafting and prosecution of patent applications and advising on patentability and infringement. Michiel enjoys to combine his technical and legal expertise to ‘translate’ experimental research into patents.

He considers it an important aspect of his work to make insightful to clients how the patent system works in order to help in making informed decisions on research and business strategy.

Working experience

  • Patent Attorney, V.O. (2008-present)


  • MSc in Chemistry, Leiden University (2006)
  • Propaedeutic diploma in Psychology, Leiden University (2006)


  • English
  • Dutch

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