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‘Finding the essence of the invention and expanding its context maximizes the intellectual property value.’
Rutger Timmer

Rutger Timmer

  • Hightech & Electronics
  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Senior Associate

Since 2010, Rutger Timmer has worked as a patent attorney for V.O., writing and defending patents on a variety of physics-related and other topics. He studied applied physics at the University of Twente. During his studies he worked at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) and graduated at the Dutch National Institute for Nuclear- and High Energy Physics (NIKHEF).

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He gained his PhD degree at the Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF), where he performed experimental and theoretical research using time-resolved spectroscopy. At V.O. he works for well-known knowledge centers and multinationals as well as local tech starters.

Working experience

  • Patent Attorney, V.O. (2010-present)
  • Research Assistant at AMOLF institute (2004-2009)
  • Internship at CERN (2001) and NIKHEF (2002-2003)


  • PhD in Physical Chemistry, AMOLF Institute, the Netherlands (2010)
  • MSc in Applied Physics, University of Twente (2003)


  • Recognized as ‘Notable Practitioner’ (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024) by Managing IP


  • R.L.A. Timmer. Molecular reorientation and transport in liquid water and ice, PhD Thesis, (2010).
  • R.L.A. Timmer and H.J. Bakker. Vibrational Förster transfer in ice Ih. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2010).
  • R.L.A. Timmer, K.J. Tielrooij and H.J. Bakker. Vibrational Förster Energy Transfer between Water and Hydrated Protons. Journal of Chemical Physics, (2010).
  • R.L.A. Timmer, M.J. Cox, and H.J. Bakker. Direct observation of proton transfer in ice Ih using femtosecond spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2010).
  • K.J. Tielrooij, R.L.A. Timmer, H.J. Bakker, and M. Bonn. Structure Dynamics of the Proton in Liquid Water Probed with Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters, (2009).
  • M.J. Cox, R.L.A. Timmer, H.J. Bakker, S. Park, and N. Agmon. Distance-Dependent Proton Transfer along Water Wires Connecting Acid-Base Pairs. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2009).
  • R.L.A. Timmer and H.J. Bakker. Hydrogen Bond Fluctuations of the Hydration Shell of the Bromide Anion. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2009).
  • H.J. Bakker, Y.L.A. Rezus, and R.L.A. Timmer. Molecular Reorientation of Liquid Water Studied with Femtosecond Midinfrared Spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2008).
  • P. Bodis, R.L.A. Timmer, S. Yeremenko, W.J. Buma, J. S. Hannam, D.A. Leigh, and S. Woutersen. Heterovibrational Interactions, Cooperative Hydrogen Bonding, and Vibrational Energy Relaxation Pathways in a Rotaxane. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2007).
  • R.L.A. Timmer and H.J. Bakker. Water as a Molecular Hinge in Amidelike Structures, Journal of Chemical Physics, (2007).
  • R.L.A. Timmer and H.J. Bakker. Water as a Molecular Hinge in Amidelike Structures, Journal of Chemical Physics, (2007).


  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French

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