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‘IP is the driving force behind R&D.’
Saskia van Doorn

Saskia van Doorn

  • Life Sciences
  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Senior Associate

Saskia van Doorn started her career as a patent attorney in 2000 after having worked as an editor at Technisch Weekblad for four years. She studied biochemistry at the Radboud University Nijmegen (1991-1996).

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Her particular expertise lies in the fields of biochemistry, medical (bio)technology, life sciences, medicine, molecular chemistry and pharmacology. She has a wide experience in patent prosecution, oppositions, patentability searches and third-party rights analyses, mainly for universities and other research institutes, startup companies, and midsized companies.

Working experience

  • Patent Attorney, V.O. (2000-present)
  • Editor of Technisch Weekblad, VNU (1996-2000)


  • MSc in Chemistry, Radboud University Nijmegen (1996)


  • English
  • Dutch

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Jobfair Vlaamse Technische Kring (VTK) 2024

Brabanthal, Brabantlaan, Leuven, België

The VTK Jobfair will take place on Thurday 14 March 2024. The Jobfair falls during an interesting time for students to find out what the business market has to offer. It is the ideal opportunity for students to get in touch with companies through VTK.

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Graduate Jobfair Ghent 2024

Flanders Expo, Maaltekouter, Ghent, Belgium

De Graduate Jobfair Ghent 2024 is organized by the Ghent University Association.
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JCI Flemish-Brabant Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

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JCI Flemish-Brabant Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Our society is constantly changing. And let that be precisely the goal of Junior Chamber International ("JCI"): to bring about positive changes in our society.

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