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Hartstichting – The Dutch Heart Foundation

The Dutch Heart Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to combatting heart and vascular diseases. It does this not only by providing information and support to patients but also by funding scientific research. For instance, the Dutch Heart Foundation works on solutions to keep everyone’s heart as healthy as possible, or make their hearts strong again.

The Dutch Heart Foundation invests tens of millions of euros each year in pioneering scientific research into heart and vascular diseases. This enables researchers to work quickly and efficiently on innovative and effective treatments for heart and vascular diseases. The Dutch Heart Foundation promotes collaboration between researchers and medical specialists in the Netherlands and ensures that research results can be used by patients as quickly as possible.

Increasing importance of IP

Intellectual Property Rights (IP) are playing an increasingly larger role in scientific research thus also in subsidy agreements. Research is becoming more complex and more diverse parties concerned. This increases the need for making good agreements about IP rights to research results and confirming these agreements in contracts.

Our Support

Under the motto ‘Heart for the Cause’, V.O. has been providing financial support to the Dutch Heart Foundation since 2006. Moreover, we became a knowledge partner in 2018. We provide strategic advice on intellectual property rights and help with drawing up contractual terms. The Dutch Heart Foundation is able to rely on the expertise of V.O. whenever necessary to further develop its positions and policy on IP rights.


Speed and return

By taking a strategic approach to IP, the Dutch Heart Foundation is able to increase revenues, which can then be reinvested into scientific research. Furthermore, proper agreements about IP contribute to speeding up research, which allows new solutions for heart and vascular diseases to become available to patients as soon as possible.