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Application procedure

Choosing a new job is an important step. That is why we invest a lot of time and thought in the application process. By getting to know each other well, we will know what we can expect from each other and will be able to get off to a flying start if you start work with us.

Initial selection

Once you have sent us your CV and covering letter, you will receive confirmation of receipt from a recruiter within a week. Your application will be forwarded to the relevant department which will see whether you should be invited for an interview. We will inform you about this as soon as possible and within two weeks after we have confirmed receipt.

Job interview

If we decide to invite you in, your first interview will be with the relevant manager. For the trainee or patent attorney roles, this is often one of the partners. He or she will tell you what the work entails and naturally you will also discuss your motivation and competencies. Then, depending on the role, you may be invited along to a second interview. This time you will meet two experienced employees and we will explore in greater depth the qualities we require and your personal motivations.


Are you applying for a trainee or patent attorney role? Then a personal assessment may be part of the application process. The results of this may also be used later as input for the training programme. In some cases, the assessment is combined with a written task.

Employment conditions

If you and V.O. want to proceed further after this process, we will make a proposal for an employment agreement. We will explain our conditions to you and send you a contract. Once you have signed this, you will start employment with us.

Are you interested in working for us? If so, apply for one of our vacancies. If you have any questions about our application process, please contact our HR Manager, Kiran Sewgobind, +31 70 416 68 29 or k.sewgobind@vo.eu.