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Our company

V.O. was established in The Hague in 1916. We now have nine offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and we have grown into a large and experienced service provider in the field of patents, trademarks and designs.

Specialised and motivated

The extremely varied educations and backgrounds of our employees are hallmarks of our organisation. This can be seen in both the patent attorneys and the support staff. Together we offer wide-ranging expertise and years of experience in the Chemistry, Life Sciences, Engineering en Hightech & Electronics sectors. What unites us is the motivation to do our best for the client and to contribute to a pleasant working environment.

Development and traineeship

V.O. offers its employees a wide range of training opportunities. This enables our employees to continue developing and means our clients can continue to rely on the best service. Our patent attorney training programme is unique to our organisation. This traineeship offers intensive on-the-job training combined with a number of internal and external courses. By doing this you can become a European patent attorney in four years. You can find more about our traineeship in the video below.

Working as a (Trainee) Patent Attorney

As a Trainee Patent Attorney you are trained to become a fully-qualified patent attorney. However, what does this process look like and what do your daily activities entail once you are working as a Trainee Patent Attorney or patent attorney?

Henri van Kalkeren, a former Trainee Patent Attorney and now a qualified patent attorney at the Chemistry & Life Sciences department in Amsterdam, is eager to tell you more about this.