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Business Days Twente 2022

Grolsch Veste, Colosseum, Enschede, Netherlands
Business Days Twente 2022  consists of a series of events aimed at creating and improving contacts between students, post-graduates and alumni on one side, and potential employers on the other. Continue reading

Beta Business Days 2022

MartiniPlaza, Leonard Springerlaan, Groningen, Netherlands
The Beta Business Days is a two-day event hosted to establish contact between companies and ambitious students from Groningen. Continue reading

Jobfair Vlaamse Technische Kring (VTK) 2022

Brabanthal, Brabantlaan, Leuven, Belgium
The VTK Jobfair will take place on Thurday 10 March 2022. The Jobfair falls during an interesting time for students to find out what the business market has to offer. It is the ideal opportunity for students to get in touch with companies through VTK. Continue reading

Opening 'meet the expert' location TU/e Campus

Disruptor, Horsten, Eindhoven, Netherlands
On Thursday 10 March V.O. opens its newest 'meet the expert' location, at the TU/e Campus in Eindhoven. Continue reading

IPBC Europe 2022

The Landmark London, Marylebone Road, London, UK
Europe’s foremost conference on IP value creation, organized by IAM. The event will bring together elite decision makers to discuss key policy, business and legal developments, as well as the best strategies for maximising IP value in the increasingly dynamic European market. Continue reading