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Sander van Wijngaarden - Market Demands

‘Market demand always comes first’

In 2014, Embedded Acoustics won the Netherlands’ Security Innovation Competition (VIC) with its latest invention, the Personal Data Recorder (PDR). The VIC is an initiative of the Dutch Ministries of Defence and Security and Justice, and is sponsored by the IP firm V.O. The company is set to launch the PDR onto the market in 2017. Co-director and founder Sander van Wijngaarden declared, ‘our products truly make a difference.’ Continue reading
Patents on plants

European Commission decides against patents on plants

The interpretation of the Biotech Directive (Directive 98/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 1998 on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions) is being debated as a result of a statement issued by the European Commission (EC). Frits Michiels, patent attorney at V.O., qualifies the commotion: ‘The statement by the Commission has no immediate legal effect. I certainly do not envisage any changes for the near future.’ Continue reading
Translation Belgium European Patent

Additional translations no longer required in Belgium for a European patent

The London Agreement will be implemented in Belgium from 1 January 2017 by a legislative amendment. Consequently, it will no longer be necessary to submit a translation for the validation of a granted European patent in Belgium, including for patent applications drawn up in English. Continue reading
Changes procedural law

Important changes in procedural law

From 1 January 2017, there will be changes to the way in which legal proceedings are conducted in the Netherlands. The new regulations will be phased in and introduced on a court-by-court basis. The starting point of these new regulations is to simplify and digitise proceedings. The most important changes are summarised below. Continue reading

V.O. welcomes Bettina Hermann and Marco Box as new partners

Two new partners have joined V.O. Patents & Trademarks as of 1 January 2017: Bettina Hermann, of the Munich office, and Marco Box, of the Leuven office. As partners of V.O., Bettina Hermann (47) and Marco Box (45) have also become responsible for the daily operations at the offices in, respectively, Munich-Regensburg and Leuven. Continue reading