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Activate your ideas - column by Cees Jansen

You will probably have noticed that the newsletter has undergone a metamorphosis. We have also simultaneously launched a new slogan: Activate your ideas.

It is as if these three words were written especially for us. In the field of IP, we are hard at work on your ideas every day. Our ambition is to help you to activate your ideas and help your business to become commercially stronger at the same time. In fact, we have been doing that in practice for years, so I also see Activate your ideas as further cementing our role.

We often discuss innovations and IP matters with our clients at a strategic level. What are the ambitions and plans in the long run? What are the right timings? How does it fit in with competitors and third-party patents? Is there anything else besides protecting rights that needs be taken into consideration?

All these sorts of issues are addressed and we are pleased to offer our advice on them. I often feel part of the project, rather than just a consultant who dishes out advice and then leaves. That exact position and mentality ensures that V.O. in many cases delivers a clearly identifiable contribution to the success of a project.

For me, Activate your ideas sums it all up: your innovative ideas and inventions and our fascination and further contribution to them. Precisely all of those inventors, researchers and innovators and their stories will receive more attention in this newsletter.

I’m delighted to see the power of innovation increasing in recent years and technical ideas regaining space. A passion for innovation is something that binds us all at V.O. We are privileged in that every day we can take a look behind the scenes at the most progressive and innovative companies and institutes in Europe.

It goes without saying that I hope you enjoy reading our new newsletter and take some inspiration from it.

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