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Column – ‘Emerging from the crisis in an innovative way’

It is unbelievable, but for almost a year the world has been in an unreal crisis. For some companies, there is economic prosperity and the crisis passes silently and for others, this crisis has caused a lot of economic pain.

Not to mention the emotional damage this has caused for all of us. The Limburg Employers’ Association (LWV) has had a hectic time and has been busy during this period using lobbying to bring the themes of entrepreneurs to the attention of the government and has certainly achieved success in this. These include deferral of tax refunds and the NOW scheme.

Limburg has everything at its fingertips to achieve successful innovations. We have three campuses that are leaders in technology, several knowledge providers, an innovative SME and a strong manufacturing industry. In addition, Limburg has an excellent location in the Euroregion with enormous potential.

If we look ahead, we see major transition themes coming our way. To name a few: digitization, energy and climate transition and the move to a circular society. Good collaboration in the chain and innovative strength of parties is of great importance for the success of these transition themes, thinking of setting up new projects, further development and successful market introduction. In all of this, of course, personnel with the right knowledge and skills are indispensable.  Connecting education with the innovative business community to generate transfer of knowledge for the future professions is indispensable. From the government there are incentive schemes such as the innovation box, the WBSO and the MOOI scheme. However, we must do this job together.

In short: connections, new forms of cooperation, innovation capacity and new patents are needed to emerge from the crisis. This means that we work together with companies.

We look forward to a thriving future. More Successful Entrepreneurship together in such a way that our children benefit from it.

Giel Braun – Chair LWV

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