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Costing system VEREENIGDE simplified

Today, the value of a company is increasingly determined by the value of its patent portfolio. Patent investment strategies have developed into integral parts of corporate strategies, with special emphasis on financial planning and cost control.

From the very outset in the proceedings, many applicants want to have insight into the overall cost structure, from filing to grant. To meet this growing demand for cost prognosis and predictability, VEREENIGDE has simplified its costing system for agency fees. Below follows a brief outline.

Patent costs can generally be subdivided into three categories. Firstly, there are the official fees charged by official institutions like the European Patent Office. Secondly, there are the hourly rates charged by the patent attorney for services rendered during the prosecution of the case. Thirdly, there are the agency fees for standard procedural services performed during the application proceedings, for instance for the payment of designation fees or the processing of additional claims, for the filing and processing of a request for examination, the grant of the patent, or for starting opposition proceedings. As the actual number and type of services vary per application, an estimation of the agency fees, and hence of the overall patent costs, is usually very difficult to make.

Flat rate agency fees
As from 1 July 2008, our agency fees will no longer be dealt with as a variable series of separate payments, but as a single payment of an all-in amount. Thus, a flat rate of € 1400 will be charged for all standard procedural agency services, from filing to grant, for Dutch, European and PCT patent applications. The all-in rate for foreign applications will be €1190. In some cases, separate agency fees will still be charged for non-standard services rendered during the granting proceedings. For instance for preparing drawings or translations. Also, separate all-in fees will be charged for standard procedural services in special proceedings, such as oppositions or litigation. Finally, the costs of services by any foreign agents to be engaged, will still be charged separately.

We hope that our new approach meets your demands and adds to the overall efficiency in handling patent applications. Should you have any questions or remarks, your contact at VEREENIGDE shall be pleased to hear from you. Questions or remarks may also be addressed to our Business Support Department, at businesssupport@vereenigde.com.