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CTM fees fall by 40%

The European Trademarks Office (OHIM) has finally issued its long expected decision regarding the cut in fees. As of 1 May 1 2009, the costs of a Community trademark will be cut by 40%.

Currently, OHIM charges an application and a registration fee. As of 1 May, the application fee will slightly rise, but the registration fee will be abolished. Of course, VEREENIGDE will apply these cuts to its charges. As of next month, the basic costs for a CTM application amount to approximately € 1550.

OHIM indicates that the cut has been made possible by increased efficiency in its procedures.

The Office also indicates that for pending applications which are registered after 1 May 1 2009, no registration fee will be charged. This implies that for applications recently filed or yet to be filed, no registration fee will be payable.

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