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Heart beat key wins VIC2015

The Cardio Acces Key by Science & Technology Corporation has won the Security Innovation Competition (VIC2015). The competition, the theme of which was smart access control, was organized by the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of Defence, the National Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. In addition to a contract at the value of € 200,000, the winner received a patent voucher from V.O.

The Cardio Acces Key operates on the basis of its user’s own heart beat as unique feature. Just put on the wristlet, measure the heartbeat and the key works all day. By cutting the wristlet or putting it off, it is ‘locked’ again. Secure, simple and innovative, it has a great user’s value and is widely applicable, according to the jury.

Yesterday, the writslet beat four other finalists that had been selected from the 21 entries. Ubiqu Access BV ended second, with a smart application of the telephone as universal and unique key. The third place was for ViNotion, with an intelligent camera system enabling simple identification of vehicles, also without the licence numbers. Numbers four and five (Respond and Technolution) based their technologies on the mobile telephone with a SmartTrace.

S[&]T Corporation will use its first prize, a contract at the value of € 200,000, for further elaborating the idea of the Cardio Acces Key. Yesterday, NIDV offered the winner a stand during the NIDV congress of 19 November next. This year, too, V.O. Patents & Trademarks gave the winner a patent voucher.

The final day of the VIC2015 took place in Den Helder, on Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman, the largest naval vessle of the Netherlands. In addition to five interesting presentations and an interview with last year’s winner, Embedded Acoustics, visitors were also treated to a guided tour of this beautiful new vessel.

The VIC2015 yielded 70 initially interested SMEs and, eventually, 21 concrete entries. A fine result, according to jury president and brigadier general Gerard Koot of Defence. The theme ‘Smart access control’ apparently succeeds in attracting enough interest. For more information about the VIC2015, please see the website of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

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