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Immerse yourself in the world of IP

‘Europe strengthens leading role with a unitary patent’. This was one of the newspaper headlines in the FD recently. The world of patents and IP is very dynamic and, as such, an ideal time for the V.O. IP seminar. Organiser Harrie Marsman: ‘In the autumn, we will bring participants up-to-date on changing legislation and regulations and on all of the consequences this will have for the IP strategy adopted by your company or organisation.’

It has almost become a tradition at V.O. now: organising IP seminars for clients and contacts. The seminar involves an intensive discussion – for one or two days – around patents, trademark and design protection, contracts, landscaping and all new developments in this field. Marsman: ‘Right from the very first time we organised a seminar of this nature, we found that many clients wanted to consider the subject in detail, covering the most important practical and procedural aspects. IP is a comprehensive subject that impacts many of the companies for which we work. During these seminars, it is possible to discuss a whole range of different subjects in great depth. Various V.O. specialists take the floor to speak to participants. We also do our very best to communicate information in as informal a manner as possible; we really welcome input from participants too.’

The 2015 edition
‘We want to use the two separate one-day seminars scheduled for October and November to respond in-depth to current developments’, Marsman adds. The key question here will be: how will these changes affect our clients? Various subjects will be discussed, including confidentiality, freedom to operate and subsidies. Although the programme for both days is almost complete, we are still open to suggestions. In October, particular emphasis will be placed on substantive and practical aspects. Which IP rights are there and what can you do with them? In November, attention will focus primarily on the strategic importance of these rights. How can you manage IP rights effectively? Although the two sessions are linked, participants are also welcome to attend just one session. The most important reason for taking part? Clients like to be closely involved there where IP is concerned. We encourage this by using our seminars to enhance their knowledge and skill. This promotes collaboration, the quality of discussion and the strategic position of their IP rights.’

IP seminar on 15 October and 12 November 2015
Location: The Hague
Costs: Clients of V.O.: € 350 per seminar; € 600 for both seminars.
Non-clients: € 450 / € 800
Prices per person and excluding Dutch VAT.

Target group for the seminar: IP managers, employees who are responsible for the IP policy in an organisation.
A maximum of 20 participants is possible. The seminar will be delivered in English.

Would you like to know more? Would you like to register? See www.vo.eu/seminar.


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