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New Meet the Expert location in Liège

Since April, our office has had a second Meet the Expert location in Belgium, namely in Liège, an economic hotspot in the country. The other Meet the Expert location is on the Corda Campus in Hasselt.

While our regular office network consists of permanent full-service teams, the Meet the Expert locations are mainly characterized as walk-in desks where one or two of our experts are present a few days a week. Such satellite offices are ideal solutions for office cluster buildings, university campuses and science parks, where they integrate well into a business and science driven community. Our patent attorneys in Liège are Eva Eulaers and Isabelle Surdej.

Address: LIÈGE Science Park, Rue Bois Saint-Jean 29, 4102 Ougrée. Telephone: +32 (0)4 228 05 03. For directions, please visit the offices page of our website.

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Michiel van Rooij

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