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New office in Germany

Since a couple of months VEREENIGDE has a second German office. In addition to Munich, where we have had an office since 2008, we are now also present in Regensburg, a city located on the Danube 100 km North-East of Munich.

""Also because of the developments that the Munich office has gone through in the past two years, it became clear that a separate working place in Regensburg would be more than welcome. Indeed, this city is making good progress as far as technological innovation is concerned, and in particular from the office collection complex BioPark. After Munich, Regensburg is the most important region for biotech in Bavaria, and in Regensburg and its surroundings there are also numerous companies in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. It is not for nothing that Regensburg is considered the eastern gateway to the European Union. 

It is expected that our Regensburg office,  where the daily operations are managed by Dr. Bettina Hermann and Lutz Keydel, will grow in the future.

Contact data:
Biopark II
Josef-Engert-Strasse 11
93053 Regensburg
Tel. +49 941 280 95 918