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Presenting "the green team"

“Alternative energy”, “clean tech”, “green”, and sustainable” are not only buzzwords – these terms now refer to activities that, if they are not already big business, they soon will be.

A combination of government funding, tax deductions and government mandates − the “green new deal” − is creating incentives to conduct research, develop new products, start new businesses, and create new brands.

Since IP protection facilitates investment in new technology and business development, IP is expected to play an important role in spurring private investment and risk-taking. To give entrepreneurs working on the forefront of clean tech developments the support they deserve, VEREENIGDE has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts we”ve dubbed “the green team”.

The green team is a dream team for addressing the special needs of clean tech developers such as patent landscaping, freedom-to-operate opinions and advice, procuring patent protection, registering and defending designs and brand names, providing strategic IP advice, and licensing and enforcing intellectual property rights. As governments are taking steps to accelerate clean tech development, the green team is here to help you accelerate IP services to match the pace.

Whether your technology relates to solar, wind, wave or geothermal energy, energy storage, fuel cells, biofuels, white biotech, hydrogen production or storage, redistribution or conservation of energy, re-use or recycling of energy or materials, reduction of environmental impact or CO2 footprint, enablement of clean technology, or some other clean tech sector, VEREENIGDE has all the expertise you need in-house. When appropriate, we use a team approach to ensure that your needs are covered.

For further information, contact our green team members:
Cees Jansen, Otto Oudshoorn, Bernard Ledeboer, Hajo Kraak, Marco Molling, Frits Schut, Michiel van Rooij, Huub Maas, Annemie Jaeken.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Robert (Bob) Lelkes
Green Team coordinator