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The attorneys-at-law at V.O. are deployable in a wide range of areas

In an organisation that specialises in patents, brands and designs, our attorneys-at-law have found themselves almost forced to operate on the sidelines.

Despite this, V.O. has had its own legal practice since 1991, under the leadership of Nick Oostenbroek. This enthusiastic and driven partner explains the types of activity his section engages in on a day-to-day basis.

“It”s a simple story really”, says Oostenbroek from his traditionally furnished workroom, full of piles of files and bulky law books. “Obviously, we advise clients on every possible issue in the field of business law that is an extension of intellectual property. These include confidentiality, agreements with inventors, licences and the transfer of intellectual property rights. However, we also spend a great deal of our time dealing with issues involving business law in a broader sense. For instance, we assist and advise clients that are in the process of starting up new organisations or setting up forms of collaboration. We also take action on behalf of our clients when conflicts arise in relation to the performance of contracts, shareholder disputes and liability issues. We are even available to help clients collect any amounts that are outstanding. We are also able to take on ancillary cases, such as those relating to taxation or (international) compliance.”

Added value
“So, the added value that the attorneys-at-law at V.O. offer is their one-stop-shop approach”, Oostenbroek stresses. “We cover a quite a broad sphere of activity and are able to call upon the assistance of colleagues from other disciplines, where necessary. We also work with a number of renowned service providers in multidisciplinary teams. This enables us to complement each other and by offering our clients a tailor-made solution, we are able to achieve the very best solution on their behalf.”

When asked whether our lawyers place particular emphasis on providing assistance in conflict situations, Oostenbroek answers as follows: “No, our primary concern is to prevent conflicts altogether. We only initiate proceedings and make attachments, etc. when it is clear that it is not possible to find a solution that is acceptable to all of the parties concerned. As a result, we are often brought in before conflicts arise, to help clients to decide on policy, strategy and contact with opposing parties.”

The attorneys-at-law team at V.O. consists of Nick Oostenbroek, Annelies de Bosch Kemper-de Hilster and Jurriaan Cleuver.