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The Vattenfall Solar Team presents its new solar car

On 8 July, the Vattenfall Solar Team, sponsored by V.O., proudly presented their new solar car: Nuna11. A three-wheeled racing car full of innovative technical features. The most striking features are the special position of the third wheel and the inclined solar panel.

With Nuna11, the super-motivated team is determined to win the Solar Challenge Morocco in October. The next year, the famous Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will take place. A solar-powered race across Australia, from Darwin to Adelaide, more than 3,000 kilometers south. The Vattenfall Solar Team need to protect their honor, as they have won this race no less than seven times in the past.

Making mobility more sustainable

The Vattenfall Solar Team’s solar car is redesigned and hand-built every two years by a new team of students. In this way, TU Delft students never stop innovating. They work with the latest techniques and materials, and in doing so, they are taking the lead on the passenger cars of the future. Participation in the competitions in Australia and South Africa represents an investment in both their own development and in making mobility more sustainable. As a sponsor of the team, V.O. ensures that IP protection remains ‘top of mind’. This allows the team to maintain better control over their own innovations, and it also makes it easier to access sources of funding. If corona doesn’t throw a wrench in the plans, the big countdown to October has begun. We wish the team members good luck and lots of fun!

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