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V.O. seminar on China and the force of IP

V.O. is organising a seminar in the spring of 2014 in which China and the force of intellectual property will be illuminated from different practical perspectives. In collaboration with Valentin de le Court (working as an attorney-at-law in the Chinese firm HFG – Law Firm & IP Practice) and with consultancy Customs Knowledge.

After the US, China is the biggest trading partner of the EU. In that trade, patents and trademarks take up an increasingly important position: they can be used to protect the European market against imitation and in China they are essential to collaborate well with local companies.

In the West there”s still much skepsis about intellectual property (IP) in China. Getting a right granted is supposed to be too difficult and enforcing it impossible. But China is developing at a staggering pace into a country with a full-grown IP law system. In many respects the granting system resembles the European system; by now there are numerous instances showing that successful enforcement of patent and trademark rights against infringers is not an exception.

With the seminar we offer entrepreneurs a better insight into the importance of IP in trade with China. We give practical tips and pay attention to making arrangements with a Chinese partner. Also, we’re going to inform them about interesting topics regarding customs, for example, the best way of filing a request with the customs of the Netherlands or any other EU member state to prevent illegal importation.

More information about this seminar will be made available on our website on 3 February 2014. Also, relations of V.O. will receive an invitation.