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V.O. whitepaper on IP outsourcing

In practise, the outsourcing of IP by enterprises having in-house IP departments often appears to be more complex that it may seem at first. V.O. has published a whitepaper that provides clarity in this matter.

If an answer can be found to the question whether oursourcing is indeed a serious option, it is perhaps even more difficult to determine what exactly  is to be outsourced. If the answer to the latter question is not well-founded, this may have a negative effect on the eventual profitability of the outsourcing. However logical that may sound, the path towards outsourcing has a number of pitfalls that can only be avoided by thorough preparation.

To help entreprises in making the right decisions with respect to IP outsourcing, patent attorneys Hajo Kraak and Jenny Cromsigt have recently published the whitepaper Finding the right balance between in-house IP handling and outsourcing. In this whitepaper, the authors for instance advice to make an analysis on the basis of a step-by-step plan. This analysis will enable you to determine which hiring model will suit your business best.

If you are you interested in the possibilities of outsourcing for your enterprise, we refer you to the page Outsourcing, from which our whitepaper Finding the right balance between in-house IP handling and outsourcing can be downloaded. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hajo Kraak or Jenny Cromsigt.