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VEREENIGDE sponsor of Food Valley Conference 2010

On Thursday 7 October 2010, the annual Food Valley Conference will be organized in Cinemec, Ede, the Netherlands.

Having considerable expertise in the field of food technology, as far as both patents and trademarks and designs are concerned, VEREENIGDE participates in this event as premium sponsor and will inter alia be present with a stand.

The theme of this eighth edition of Food Valley Conference is “revealing business models in food”, a theme which is explored in a highly practice-oriented program. In a number of presentations and interactive workshops, the question whether the food sector still handles the proper business model is, for instance, addressed. Likewise, strategies and models are presented for realizing and maintaining a strong, distinctive market position. Of course, the participants will also have a closer look at and discuss interesting practical cases of business models.

The conference is primarily intended for representatives from the agri-food sector and food-related business, representatives from research and knowledge institutes, government officials and intermediaries. Participants from other food regions in the world give the conference an international dimension.

The official language of the conference is predominantly English.

More information about Food Valley Conference can be found on conference.foodvalley.nl.