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Trainee Patent Attorney Mechanics, Physics or Electronics

You’ve just obtained your master’s degree or completed your PhD in a technology related subject, but you’re not done with learning quite yet. You wish to make use of your knowledge beyond technology and science. You love immersing yourself in the latest technological developments. Languages, law and consultancy also have your interest. You consider making sure innovations pay off optimally a challenge. If all of the above apply to you, the position of Trainee Patent Attorney may very well be just right for you!

Read everything about becoming a trainee on our special Dutch recruitment website.

The training

Under the supervision of an experienced mentor, you will be trained as a Dutch and European Patent Attorney for one of our 9 offices. The first part of your training program consists of a 13-week in-house training during which you will learn practical as well as soft skills. This is followed by starting your professional training as a Dutch Patent Attorney. This training, which takes two years, includes two-day meetings every two to three weeks and requires you to spend approximately 16 hours studying at home. After three years of traineeship with your mentor and concluding the professional training as a Dutch Patent Attorney, you will continue to train as a European Patent Attorney. This will require you to take the Pre-Examination of the European Qualifying Examination first. Once you’ve passed this examination it is possible for you to obtain your European Patent Attorney certificate in one year.

The position

In this position you’ll be closely supervised by your mentor, at first handling cases together. Regular visits to clients will provide you with an understanding of the latest technical innovations. After a meticulous analysis you get to the technical essence and, based on the client’s business objective, you advise them which form of IP protection suits them best. It’s your responsibility then to carry out the chosen plan of action. An important part thereof consists of drafting patent applications in which you set out the claimed inventions in carefully chosen words. Whenever required, you take action on behalf of our clients if their IP rights are infringed by competitors anywhere in the world. After three to four years, you take over a part of your mentor’s clients and continue independently to expand your client portfolio.

Job requirements

You have at least completed a university degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering or similar. Legal and linguistic aspects also have your keen interest. In addition we require:

  • Excellent knowledge of Dutch and English
  • Preferably knowledge of German or French as well
  • An enterprising, client-oriented and analytical attitude
  • The ability to grasp new technological developments quickly

Our offer

We offer an interesting traineeship, training you to be a Dutch and European Patent Attorney. You’ll be directly involved in the latest technological developments of leading or high-potential companies. V.O.’s pay and employee benefits are excellent. In addition, our diverse range of education and training courses will give you every opportunity for further professionalization and development.