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Webinar 'Getting started with patents'

In the webinar ‘Getting started with patents’, patent attorney Henri van Kalkeren takes you through the most important topics about patents, so you can be more profitable with your innovation.

In this webinar, in which you can participate free of charge, you will get a good idea of what patenting is all about. This webinar is a repetition of a previous live broadcast, so the live chat is no longer active. You can now submit your questions via the contact form on our website. One of our experts will answer your question as soon as possible.

You will find out, among other things:

  • When you choose patenting and when to choose confidentiality;
  • Why a patent is more than just protection;
  • How to make your innovation profitable by means of a patent;
  • What the requirements are for a patent application;
  • What the process looks like and what the costs are.

Speaker: Henri van Kalkeren
Duration: 31 minutes
Price: free of charge
Knowledge level: ★☆☆☆☆

View the webinar: