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35th MARQUES Annual Conference 2021

World Forum, Churchillplein, The Hague, Netherlands

MARQUES, the European association representing the interests of brand owners since 1986. The mission of MARQUES is to educate and promote the professional development of brand owners in the selection, management, protection and exploitation of their trade marks within a global economy: to create a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information and to provide an effective platform for the representation of their interests.

The 35th MARQUES Annual Conference will include a mix of face-to-face and online events from Monday 13th to Friday 24th September. The program will comprise a total of 16.5 hours of educational sessions, as well as a social program, coffee breaks and an exhibition which can be enjoyed both in person and via the internet. The educational sessions include panel sessions and meetings (in-person and online; 14th-16th September) as well as webinars (online only; 20th-23rd September).

The centrepiece of the Annual Conference will take place at the World Forum in The Hague, The Netherlands, with two full days of panel sessions, covering a range of topical issues. The Conference theme, “Peace and Justice for Brands”, is inspired by The Hague’s reputation as the city of peace and justice.

V.O. is sponsor of the MARQUES 35th Annual Conference.