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The consequences of the Nagoya Protocol

  The Nagoya Protocol is highly relevant for the Dutch seed culture sector. But the content of the protocol is far from easy to understand. IP Leads summarises the main provisions for you and the most important consequences. Continue reading

No happy ending for a pharmaceutical company in a case involving a Native American tribe

In the case known as Mohawk tribe versus Mylan, the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that patent holders cannot shield themselves from an “inter partes review” of a patent by assigning that patent to a Native American tribe. Ironically enough, this is due to the fact that the decision handed down by the Court stated that the “inter partes review” procedure in the principal action is not “inter partes” (“between parties”). Continue reading

Does the new law for the protection of trade secrets offer sufficient protection?

On 9 June, the new law for the protection of trade secrets came into force (based on European Directive 2016/943/EU). On the basis of the law, it is possible to take action against the illegal acquisition, use and disclosure of trade secrets. If a trade secret is misused, the holder can bring various actions based on the law. Continue reading

V.O. supports Hartstichting

V.O. has become sponsor of the Hartstichting, the non-profit organisation that raises funds in the battle against cardiovascular disease. Annually, the Hartstichting invests millions of euros in scientific research. The collaboration focuses primarily on advice and information relating to intellectual property law, and making agreements in this regard with researchers. Continue reading

V.O. sponsors innovation competition

V.O. has recently started to sponsor the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award (AMSIA). AMSIA is an annual innovation competition organised by IXA, that focuses in particular on the societal or commercial impact of submissions. Awards go to the best applicable submission resulting from research conducted in Amsterdam. Continue reading

IP Academy starts again

After a well-attended edition at the beginning of the year, a brand new version of the IP Academy will again be held this autumn. IP Academy is the name under which V.O. annually organises IP courses for clients. Every course consists of two parts, each of one full day. Continue reading

Column - The ultimate profession

Chemistry! It seems so long ago now since I enthusiastically dived into this subject. As a student I also seized every opportunity to investigate numerous other subjects: French, biology, scientific journalism, environmental science and business economics. Throughout those years, I was in my element. Continue reading

IP Stars 2018 announced

In May the British magazine Managing Intellectual Property again announced the names of IP professionals who can call themselves an “IP Star”. The list is the result of an independent worldwide study of IP firms and individual experts that is carried out annually based on questionnaires and interviews. Continue reading

Harrie Marsman says farewell

From 30 June, partner Harrie Marsman will enjoy early pension. On this date he will have been a partner for exactly 20 years and will have worked at V.O. for almost 29 years. He has been a member of the board and for the last nine years has also been financial director. Continue reading

Amendments Benelux trademark law

On 1 June 2018, two important amendments to the Benelux trademark law entered into force. The first concerns the possibility for trademark owners to challenge the validity of registered trademarks out of court. The second amendment concerns the possibility to oppose the registration of a younger trademark for non-similar goods or services. The amendments are briefly explained below. Continue reading