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The lithium-ion battery

It is impossible to imagine our daily life without this invention, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2019, and developed by a Brit, an American and a Japanese. The lithium-ion battery is used everywhere, from laptops, cell phones to electric bicycles and cars. Continue reading

Well-prepared for the future

Column by Cees Jansen, former chairman V.O. After 26 years, I have left V.O. I was chairman for the last 12 years, a task that I have passed on to Herman Witmans. This is a good moment to look back. Continue reading

Recommended by JUVE Patent

In May 2020, V.O. was recommended by JUVE Patent in the categories Patent Filing and Prosecution. Listed as recommended individuals are Marco Box, Leo Jessen, Bernard Ledeboer, Otto Oudshoorn and Jetze Beeksma. Continue reading

Two prizes for V.O.

This January, the Netherlands’ office of V.O. was crowned the best patent firm of 2019. This selection as the ‘Netherlands Patent Attorney Firm of the Year’ was announced by the Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) and World Trademark Review (WTR). Continue reading

The utility model – a rapid alternative to a patent

A patent application is often the solution for anyone who wishes to officially attach exclusive rights to intellectual property. However, there are alternatives. For instance, in the German market, companies can also choose to protect industrial inventions using a ‘utility model’. Continue reading

Partner Kim Tan retired

After a good 32 years of service, Kim Tan has left V.O. to enjoy his retirement. Kim has worked at the organization since 1987 and was a partner from 1995. Continue reading

COVID-19 update 5

How to deal with IP infringement concerning online product distribution? Under the present circumstances in the Netherlands, many physical retail shops are closed, and people are working from home where possible. Continue reading

COVID-19 update 4

Courts in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have taken various temporary procedural measures to deal with IP cases due to the COVID-19 crisis. A brief overview is given below. Continue reading

Put your brand portfolio through a stress test with this checklist by V.O. – Part 2

You have done all the homework related to your trademark registrations. Trademarks have a ten-year term in most countries, so you can sit back and forget about brand protection for a while. Or perhaps it’s better not to do that just yet? Continue reading

V.O. contributes to the latest edition of ‘Visser’

Patent attorney Peter de Lange (V.O.) has contributed to the latest edition of the book “Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention”. It is one of the best-known text books on European Patent Law for (prospective) patent attorneys. Continue reading