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Breakthrough in the detection of cancer tumours

Scientists who decide not to publish papers, but to explore whether their discovery is the basis of a company. That’s the path taken by Cyclomics, the start-up of Wigard Kloosterman and Jeroen de Ridder. Continue reading

Registering a trademark: can you do that yourself, too?

You come up with a name for your new company or you launch a brand with a new name. Of course, you don’t want a competitor, anywhere in the world, to start using the same name. Trademark registration is the logical step. But do you do it yourself or do you bring in an expert? Three different parties explain. Continue reading

Platform Formalities Officers increases level of administration

In various European countries, there is a great deal of enthusiasm about the approach and method of the Platform Formalities Officers (PFO). In less than ten years, the PFO has developed into a respected platform. High time to find out a bit more about it. Ronald van Egmond, PFO board member and business support senior advisor at V.O., answers five questions. Continue reading

Infringement by equivalence

It is one of the most challenging subjects in the field of patents – equivalence. Henri van Kalkeren, patent attorney at V.O., explains: ‘Recent decisions of judges therefore remain relevant to us. It is and remains a relatively grey area.’ Continue reading

Annemie Swinnen strengthens Leuven office

As of 1 January 2018, Annemie Swinnen has come to strengthen our branch in Leuven as European patent attorney. Annemie, a chemistry graduate, has an impressive track record. She worked as an all-round, in-house patent attorney and IP team manager in the chemical industry for many years. Continue reading

New V.O. website

You may have already noticed that V.O. has a new website. This went live in early March. The website comprises sections in Dutch, Flemish, English and German and will be able to support and promote our international service even more efficiently. Continue reading

Column - The enterprising university

We’re doing things differently to many other universities, where the TTOs (technology transfer offices) often fly the flag of the university directly. Utrecht Holdings is financially independent, whereby Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht are 100% owners of the shares. And that works well: it provides the freedom to be enterprising. Continue reading

New office in Utrecht

The V.O. branches in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Amersfoort are joining forces at a new, central location. They are merging at a large, new branch in Utrecht, located close to the A12, with excellent connections to the city centre. The address is Gebouw de Winthont, Winthontlaan 6, 3526 KV Utrecht. Continue reading

Patents attract investors and offer entrepreneurial freedom

A patent is much more than the legal protection of a product. It can expand your financial perspectives and help make a business attractive to investors. Patent Attorney Johannes van Melle explains, and two businesses talk about their motives. Continue reading

Benelux Firm of the Year Award for V.O.

We did it again! During the annual Managing IP’s EMEA  Awards Dinner of 8 March, the Benelux Firm of the Year Award was presented to V.O. Continue reading