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Money Losing Party Court

Tax advantage for innovation in Belgium

Belgium has a few separate tax schemes that apply to acquired IP rights. For instance, the innovation allowance for innovation income. This means that 85% of the net income ensuing from IP rights is exempt from corporate income tax. Continue reading

Three times prize at MIP

During the Managing IP Award Ceremony that took place in London on 15 June, V.O. was presented with no less than three awards. Continue reading

Recommended in Financial Times

We are proud to announce that also for 2022 V.O. is recommended as a leading European patent firm in Financial Times. Continue reading

IP grants for small and medium-sized enterprises

In order to support EU-based SMEs in protecting their IP, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) set up the ‘Ideas Powered for business SME Fund’ grant scheme. Continue reading

Russia changes rules regarding foreign intellectual property

The war in Ukraine and the Western sanctions in response thereto resulted in economic countermeasures on the part of Russia that also include intellectual property rights. Continue reading

Fifth ‘Meet the Expert’ location on TU Eindhoven Business Campus

On 10 March, the new V.O. ‘Meet the Expert’ location was opened on the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) campus. This additional location will make V.O. even more accessible to, among others, high tech entrepreneurs and organizations.

Continue reading

Coming soon: the Unified Patent Court and the unitary patent

A little while back, it was announced that the Unified Patent Court (UPC), the new European court for patents, had inaugurated its Administrative Committee and would start appointing judges any day now. Continue reading

Put your hands together for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 - How fundamental research can lead to new opportunities in innovation

Last year the Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Benjamin List and David MacMillan for ‘the development of asymmetric organocatalysis’. This is a fine example of a fundamental scientific discovery that has quickly found a practical application. Continue reading

First meeting of the Administrative Committee of the new European Patent Court

On 22 February 2022, the first meeting of the Administrative Committee of the new European Patent Court (the Unified Patent Court) took place. Continue reading
Money Losing Party Court

V.O. model quickly estimates patent value

How do you estimate the economic value of a patent? V.O. has developed a model that arrives at an estimation based on various factors. This allows companies to have a better understanding of how much their patent can deliver for them. Continue reading