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Trademark watch

By registering your trademark in the trademark register, you acquire exclusive rights to your specific mark. This allows you to take action against third parties infringing your right by applying for or using an identical or similar mark for identical or similar goods and/or services. To monitor whether third parties are infringing on your trademark rights, it is important to actively monitor when a trademark identical or similar to your trademark is applied for registration.

We can provide this service for you through our trademark watch. This allows us to actively detect whether trademark applications are filed which are similar to your trademark. By means of this service, you will be informed in time, so action can be taken against any alleged trademark infringement.

The trademark watch service in a nutshell:

  • You will structurally receive a report by e-mail with newly applied for trademarks similar to yours;
  • We take a first look at these to determine whether they constitute an infringement;
  • We can then discuss with you the possible steps to be taken.

Broad expertise

With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, V.O. has short lines of communication to official bodies and knowledge of the local market. Our clients range from start-ups to multinationals and are active in various sectors, from everyday consumer products to high-tech innovations. Our trademark and design attorneys have broad expertise and an international network. We protect your rights throughout the world, in partnership with colleagues abroad if necessary.


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