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Legal Quick Scan

The attorneys-at-law of V.O. can identify the legal risks within your organization by means of a Quick Scan. Such first glace check will provide you with a quick insight whether various intellectual property (IP) issues are covered.

You can opt for either a broad Quick Scan or a scan of a single document.

In the case of a broad Quick Scan, six documents to be chosen from the list below, will be reviewed and you will receive a brief notification whether these are sufficient or not. This report will of course also contain a cost estimate in case amendments or redrafting is advisory.

Should you prefer advice of only one of the documents listed below, opt for the single Quick Scan. In a Single Quick Scan more simple adjustments, improvements and suggestions will already be incorporated. In this respect it differs from a broad Quick Scan.

Single Quick Scan  € 700

✔ Assessment of one legal document of your choice

✔ Adjustments and suggestions directly named


Broad Quick Scan  € 2,700

✔ Assessment of six legal documents of your choice

✔ Report which documents need to be adjusted

✔ Including quote for adjustments


The scan assesses (the IP clause of) your standard legal document of choice under Dutch law.

Legal document Focal points
General conditions of sale and delivery of purchase General terms and conditions form the basis of the rights and obligations of contracting parties. It is essential that these terms and conditions contain an appropriate IP provision.
Employment agreement It is important to be clear who owns the IP rights when employees create designs or inventions.
Privacy statement The statement on your website that informs your customers about the use and processing of their personal data should comply with the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation.
R&D agreement In any case, the IP clause in an R&D agreement must contain a clear provision regarding ownership and use of intellectual property rights (to results).
Chain of title If the chain of title of a patent is not clear, this can have major consequences when licensing or enforcing a patent. For up to two patents, the entitlement will be assessed, on the condition that you also provide the agreements with all inventors involved.
License agreement It is important to have clear arrangements in place on amongst others the scope of the license, exclusivity, reporting requirements, royalties, targets, action for infringement and termination. Are you a licensee? If so, a maximum of two license agreements will be assessed.
Agreement on transfer of (test) material / MTA The activities the recipient may perform with the material, what should be done with the material after the termination of the agreement and liability for damages resulting from the (use of the) material, deserve attention.
Collaboration agreement At a very least, the IP clause should include agreements on the use of IP rights during and after the collaboration. This also applies to the use of IP rights on any future results.
Assignment agreement The ownership of results, such as designs and inventions, does not automatically lie with the principal. It is important to address this.
Transfer of patent/IP rights An improper transfer of a patent or other IP right, for example, can have major consequences during the creation of those rights, when licensing or if proceedings must be initiated against an infringer.
Confidentiality agreement / NDA Arrangements for confidentiality of business information or innovations are essential to keep open the possibility of protection via IP law.


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Would you like to have your legal documents scanned to make sure everything in the field of IP is properly arranged for? Via the buttons in the blocks above you can request the Quick Scan of your choice. Our attorneys-at-law will then contact you to discuss the follow-up.

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