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37th MARQUES Annual Conference 2023

InterContinental Berlin, Budapester Straße, Berlin, Germany

MARQUES, the European association representing the interests of brand owners since 1986.

The mission of MARQUES is to educate and promote the professional development of brand owners in the selection, management, protection and exploitation of their trade marks within a global economy: to create a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information and to provide an effective platform for the representation of their interests.

The Conference sessions will address in particular how diversity and the cultural environment will affect brand authenticity? Topics discussed will include Piloting Brands; Risk and Rewards for brands in the metaverse; how culture affects brand strategies; steering brands in a time of crisis; new rules for e-commerce and AI, Tik-Tok and influencers.

There will also be panels from WIPO looking at the challenges faced by Members States and General Court case law, judicial approaches to parasitic competition and international design protection strategies.