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Innovation for Health

Meet us at Innovation for Health, Rotterdam, 16 February 2017

During Innovation for Health, cutting-edge innovations and ideas for healthcare will be presented to more than 800 delegates. Continue reading
IP Academy

New training days of the IP Academy

On Thursday, 13 October, the IP basic training course of the IP Academy was held. This course covers practical aspects of IP: what is actually protected by a patent, trademark or design? Continue reading

Patent for rusk indentation cannot be beaten

By now he has become one of the most famous inventors in the Netherlands: Theo Tempels (77). In 1999 the keen rusk eater invented the indentation in rusks. He applied for a patent. In the summer of 2016 he won a lawsuit from a major rusk manufacturer based on his patent. Continue reading
German Law

Learning from the German Employee Invention Act?

Germany is one of the few countries in Europe where the regulations and fees for employee inventions are clearly laid down in an Employee Invention Act. Other countries, including the Netherlands, should take this as an example. What can we learn from German legislation? Continue reading

Brexit delays unitary patent

This spring Europe was surprised by Brexit. By now it has become clear that there will also be quite a few consequences for the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court. Patent Attorney Peter de Lange from V.O.: “We were supposed to start with this next year. But I can’t say if it’s even going ahead at all right now.” Continue reading
Nuon Solar Team South Africa

Nuon Solar Team wins Solar Challenge in South Africa

After having finished first in last year’s World Solar Challenge in Australia, the Nuna8s has now also won the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa. The race was from Pretoria to Cape Town. The team won their victory on 1 October. V.O. is one of the proud team sponsors. Continue reading