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The story of surgical methods continues

In a recent decision of August 2011, T923/08, a Technical Board of Appeal (BoA) had to decide on a method for measuring parameters on a human or animal body, in particular measuring the length of a femur.

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IP protection via national routes – Germany as an example

The proper IP strategy for a company can differ depending on several company-specific factors, such as the business field of the company, its market performance, competitive position, and - of course - the budget available.

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Double Dutch: Breeder’s exemption in patent law

The Dutch government has committed itself to including a breeder’s exemption in the Dutch patent law. Political opposition and lobby groups are advocating for a full (UPOV 1978-style) breeder’s exemption.

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VEREENIGDE"s seminar in Munich

VEREENIGDE held a seminar in Munich from 18 to 20 September 2011 focusing on European Patent strategies. The event was hosted by VEREENIGDE"s Munich office in cooperation with VEREENIGDE"s headquarters in The Hague.

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Cross-border injunctions in patent proceedings – again?

Recently, a new chapter was added to the ongoing attempts of the Dutch courts to provide cross-border injunctions in intellectual property cases

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Again high PCT score for VEREENIGDE

Each year, the British magazine Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) conducts a survey of PCT filing firms.

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