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The flexible professional as opposed to the rigid ‘average’ skilled person

According to Article 123 (2) of the European Patent Convention (EPC), no amendments may be proposed to a patent application in procedures before the European Patent Office if the amendments in question are not covered by the content of the original application submitted. The object of this article was to prevent an invention from shifting over time to become something that was actually only invented at a later date. However, there is a problem with the interpretation of this particular article.

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You are invited to our INTA conference reception in Hong Kong on Tuesday 13 May 2014!

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V.O. wins MIP Award

For the third time V.O. has won the MIP Global Award for The Netherlands Prosecution IP Firm of the year.

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Patenting also effective for small- and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prove to profit, just like big companies, from the protection of innovative products through patents. This is in contrast to what has been generally assumed to date.

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