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EPC2000 - An overview of the main changes

In 2000, a diplomatic conference was held in Munich to revise the European Patent Convention (EPC), which was drafted in 1973 and has been in force ever since the EPO began.

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Decision of Enlarged Board of Appeal on diagnostic methods

According to Article 52(4) of the European Patent Convention (EPC) diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body are not regarded as inventions which are susceptible of industrial application within the meaning of Article 52(1) EPC.

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Board of Appeal - divisional applications

Several referrals have recently been made to the Enlarged Board of Appeal (the highest instance within the European Patent Office) concerning divisional applications.

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European Court of Justice rules against concept of combination of active ingredients

In a judgment of 4 May 2006, the European Court of Justice ruled against the concept of "combination of active ingredients". Continue reading