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Personnel and IP rights

In the Netherlands, we have employers’ IP rights. In other words: intellectual property rights ensuing from activities that are performed by employees will accrue to the employer. However, this is subject to one condition, namely that the activities undertaken by the employee fall within the scope of his job description. This makes a good job description important. It will also be vital to make clear agreements about the remuneration that the employee receives.

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New trademark law China heralds further conformism

China’s new trademark law coming into effect on 1 May proves that even China has finally conformed to international intellectual property laws and regulations. The reason: enlightened self-interest. This is something Dutch entrepreneurs will profit from as well. Continue reading

DSM defeats competitor in patent battle

Chemical company DSM, which uses the services of V.O. for cases involving intellectual property rights, recently achieved commercial success by eliminating a patent held by its competitor 3D Systems. Both companies are active in the field of stereolithography, a technology that can be used to create a three-dimensional object through the layered polymerisation of a liquid with light (photopolymerisation).

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