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Patent attorneys appreciate both technology and the law2

‘Patent attorneys appreciate both technology and the law’

Both Bettina Hermann and Marco Box were recently appointed as partners at V.O.: Ms Hermann in Germany, and Mr Box in Belgium. In this double interview, they talk about what drives them, their ambition and their curiosity. ‘IP is empowering, IP gives you a solid footing to attract investors.’ Continue reading
The Ocean Cleanup

Patent for The Ocean Cleanup innovative technology

The Ocean Cleanup has applied for a patent for the innovative technology that the Dutch company intends to use to clean up the huge quantities of plastic waste littering the world’s oceans. The company’s founder Boyan Slat announced the application last Wednesday on Twitter. Continue reading
Peter Toonssen Solliance

Flexible solar cells drive energy revolution

Peter Toonssen, programme manager at the Solliance research institute, believes we are barely scratching the surface of what solar energy has to offer. ‘Working closely together with businesses, our flexible solar cell solutions could provide a real breakthrough.’ Continue reading
Patenting software

Patenting software: can it be done?

Patenting software: lots of businesses and inventors believe this to be an impossible task. But is that really the case? And are there any real benefits? We’ve asked three people with different backgrounds for their opinion on this matter. Continue reading