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Ellen Hoogland - The Ocean Cleanup

A patent for The Ocean Cleanup

At The Ocean Cleanup, we are developing new technologies that will enable us to remove plastic from the oceans. Our aim is to bring a bout the largest clean-up campaign that history has ever seen, by providing a means with which the plastic waste can be removed from our oceans in a large-scale, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. A brilliant challenge! Continue reading
German Law

Germany puts ratification UPC on hold

In June, Germany decided to postpone ratification of the Unitary patent, due to possible constitutional objections.We will inform you well in time as soon as the earliest possible introduction date is known. Continue reading

What will be the consequences of Brexit?

Brexit will soon take place, that much seems certain, but what consequences will this have with regard to IP and all related contracts? IP Leads spoke to three insiders and put the following question to them – Would it be sensible at this stage to start thinking about/to start taking account of Brexit in (commercial) contracts (or when amending them)? Continue reading